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Black Friday 2020 is Coming, With All Its Discounts and … Exclusive Offers

It’s that time of the year when we look upon our bank balances and wonder, how did all this get here. Yes, it’s the official countdown to the Thanksgiving weekend with some of the best Black Friday mattress deals, Cyber Monday technology discounts, and Christmas sales headed your way.

While the COVDI19 lockdowns and social distancing has soured the taste buds in 2020 for everyone, Black Friday 2020 is definitely coming to cheer up shoppers. As the countdown to Thanksgiving officially begins, people are looking for the best Black Friday deals, discounts, and offers in 2020.

Black Friday Smart Technology & Wearables Deals

Black Friday is the ideal season to cash in on your smart technology and wearables wish list. From smartwatches and voice assistants to IP cameras and VR glasses, Black Friday sales offer a huge variety of smart technology with some of the best deals in online stores.

Popular retailers even bundle together products on Black Friday, allowing shoppers to get more value for their purchases. Get ready for a mega sale event on Black Friday 2020 with some of the biggest retailers ready to empty shelves after the lockdown.

Black Friday Lifestyle & Mattress Deals

Lifestyle products are not the most popular category on Black Friday but these products offer the biggest discounts during the Thanksgiving weekend. This year Black Friday mattress deals are offering between $200-$400 off on products with complementary pillows and cushions thrown in. For those interested in exclusive 2020 Black Friday mattress deals can check them out now online.

Lifestyle and home electronics deals are a year-round purchase for most people, but, there are those who wait for Black Friday once a year. The Thanksgiving weekend brings shoppers a discount extravaganza with products marked up to 60% down depending on the brand.

Shoppers can get their hands-on cut-price rugs, scented candles, clothing, vacuum cleaners, kitchen electronics, alarm systems, home cameras, beauty & wellbeing, and many other products listed on the best Black Friday deals both in-store and online.

Console & PC Gaming

The 2020 Black Friday sale may just be the biggest seller for gaming consoles and PC games, even bigger than it was last year. As teens and young adults get confined to their rooms, there has been a significant increase in online gaming activity over the last year.

This year we can expect some blockbuster gaming offers from the largest vendors with free gifts, cut price offers, and exclusive online deals lined up for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. The release of new consoles from Microsoft & Sony has already alerted gamers to start saving for the big price cut on Thanksgiving.

PC gamers will be delighted as pre-Black Friday 2020 sales have already started on selected online stores. Popular PC game vendors are offering up to 80% off and free premium previews of the latest games.


Being the most popular product on earth, the smart phone deserves an exclusive mention.

Everyone wants to have cut edge tech in their hand to be up to speed with our digitized world. The smartphone has simply become our companion in life, assisting us from calling to taking photos as memories.

After the release of new phones from almost every popular manufacturer it’s obvious there are going to be some BIG cut-price offers both in-store and online. In the US selected vendors are offering cash back with contract phones and up to 30% off on the latest smartphones.