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About Nigel Gilchrist

Professional Backline, Piano, and Percussion Rentals
in San Francisco and the Bay Area


About Nigel Gilchrist

Nigel Gilchrist is a veteran of the backline and piano rental business. More than 30 years ago, he successfully established and built the first backline rental company in London. After moving to San Francisco and working first for S.I.R. and then for Pro Piano, Nigel founded Gilchrist Services in May 2003. There he quickly built his own backline and piano rental business serving all sizes and types of musical performances from clubs and concert venues to large indoor events and outdoor festivals in the Bay Area and West Coast. In July 2005, Nigel began to offer his talents and skills through a new company, Absolutely Music, Inc., and in October 2010, he became the sole owner of Absolutely Music, Inc.
Throughout Nigel's career, he has operated his businesses based on the principal of integrity and on his "can do" attitude of  "Tell me what you need and I'll get it done." These pillars of his character have never changed.

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